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Here are the translation fields that we make mostly:

- Every kind of law, rules, regulation and general documents and other documents related to it (including EC legislations),

- International contracts and agreements with multiple parties and one party,

- No matter what is the subject, every kind of documents such as official and private contracts, company memorandum and articles, power of attorney, decision and minutes of board of directors, memorandum of understanding issued in period of tender, specification,

- Documents issued at the beginning, middle and end of judgment process: complaints, expert reports, documents and medias to become evidence, minutes, court decisions,

- Certificates of warranty given by related official or private institutions, consents, license, etc. and applications related to them,

- Every kind of international commercial correspondences, invoices and the documents that are valid instead of invoices,

- Every kind of documents issued during money and goods exchange (payment and delivery) in export and import operations, supplementary documents such as contract, deed of suretyship, guarantee, proforma invoice, bill of loading, packing list, certificate of warranty, certificate of origin,

- Every kind of official and unofficial documents arranged by the bank(s) and firm(s) in process of letter of credit,

- Every kind of texts written in economical and financial subjects, especially in banking and insurance fields,

- Every kind of text, report, article, news, document, certificate, patent, agreement, prospectus, prescription and other documents in medicine, pharmacy and chemistry,

- Every kind of technical translations related to machines, motor, electricity, electronics, construction, automotive, etc.

- Articles in fields of history, sociology, philosophy and art,

- All documents related to transportation and customs, user guides, marketing materials,

- Lecture notes, thesis, literature, book translations,

- Web sites...

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